My New Favorite Thing: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Stickers

Every now and then I get fixated on something and I have to have every single variation of it. Right now, my new addiction is stick-on nail polish:

They look like nail polish, but you don’t polish them on. You stick them on and cut and file off the excess until you have an artsy nail. I get an unbelievable number of compliments, especially on the sparkly ones.

These aren’t my nails…they belong to Confessions of a Glossaholic. But this is definitely one of the shades I have to buy:

First, the positives. No drying time. You stick them on and they’re done. I found them easy to apply, but some would rather brush on some polish and be done with it. They last FAR longer than any nail polish I’ve ever used, even professional salon manicures. As a writer who types pretty much nonstop during every waking hour, my nail polish is usually chipped by the second day. Even when these start to wear, it’s barely noticeable, especially with the lighter shades. Sally Hansen claims it will last up to ten days. I found at about the one-week mark I’m feeling compelled to remove it. However, remember–I’m someone who is usually seeing considerable wear by the second day with regular nail polish.

A couple of negatives: 1) The price. I’ve seen the prices on Amazon to be the best. The site has quite a few twin packs for under $5. There are also some discontinued shades that you can get for next-to-nothing. My grocery store is selling ONE set for $8+, so this is quite a bargain. Plus, I was able to find some Halloween shades that have been discontinued. (I love Halloween, so I’m already stocking up!)

Another negative: If you’re a perfectionist, be prepared to put some work in. I can throw these things on in five minutes or less, but I don’t care if I have a little bubble somewhere that’s barely noticeable to anyone but me. A perfectionist will likely be measuring and perfecting the process for much longer than five minutes.

Oh, and one last negative: removal. Someone advised buying some nail polish remover that’s heavy on acetone. Even with that, I find myself scrubbing away to exhaustion to get some of these shades off, especially the ones with glitter. Of course, if it lasts 7-10 days, you’ll have to remove less often, so maybe it all evens out.

Stay away from the white shades. I love butterflies, so I tried the white butterfly strips in the first picture above and barely lasted four days before it had to come off. It looked like I had stickers on my nails. The more traditional it looks in the pictures, the more it will look like nail art.

Childhood TV Shows

My stepdaughter loves I Love Lucy. I (I’m ashamed to admit) had never even watched I Love Lucy until the seven hundred or so episodes I’ve watched with her. Same with The Andy Griffith Show, which my husband and my stepdaughter both pretty much “grew up watching.” I could say both shows were before my time, but they were kind of before everyone’s time these days, weren’t they?

Yes, I grew up watching Family Ties and Growing Pains, but those are only the shows that were during my time that I watched. When I got home from school in the afternoon, it was reruns of Gilligan’s Island or Little House on the Prairie. But I would be willing to bet there were many others who grew up at the same time I did, with access to the same local stations, who would say they grew up watching entirely different shows.

There are still people alive who were around during the early days of television–back when everyone watched the same shows on the same couple of channels. It broadened a little bit by the time I was in elementary school–I think we had six channels, maybe? After school you had the choice of whatever was on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, or one or two local extras. (One of which became FOX.) So while we weren’t all watching the same things, if The Andy Griffith Show only aired at one in the afternoon on school days, chances were we weren’t watching it during the school year.

Today, all that has changed. Kids are growing up watching everything from I Love Lucy to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. My stepdaughter was watching a “classic” Hannah Montana this weekend and I asked her if it made her nostalgic for her younger years. (She just looked at me like I was crazy!)

All this means is that YOU could say you grew up watching this late 80s TV show:

And your daughter could say SHE grew up watching this 1970s TV show:

Strange, huh?

What shows do you consider part of your childhood?

Nice Girls Don’t Burp

I love that book title. I love it so much I’ve rewritten the book three times–the third time with completely different characters. It was inspired by behavior I’ve observed in young females. I’m not the first to comment on it, but with Nice Girls Don’t Burp, I’d hoped to at least get through to at least a few people.

Belching, burping, and…even worse, farting are all behaviors we expect from immature boys. I’m not sure when it became funny instead of disgusting, but even if we assume it’s hilarious, there’s only one reason for a girl to belch, burp, and fart loudly and publicly. That reason is to get attention.

The challenge I would issue young girls is to behave with grace and class and see how that works. While it might not make your friends giggle, it will go much further in impressing a boy than acting like “one of the guys.” In other words, be a lady, sit up straight, and instead of trying to draw attention to yourself by being loud and obnoxious, try being quiet and demure.

You know, like young ladies used to act.

Moving Day

I still remember the day I posted my first blog.

The year was 2006, and I’d just joined MySpace. When I posted, I figured my friends and family might read it, but no one else. I was right.

Over time, I built a following and grew to love blogging. When MySpace became a ghosttown only a couple of years later, I moved to Blogger. And now I’m here.

I stopped blogging on Blogger a while ago because I became a paid blogger, writing hundreds of thousands of articles and blogs for a variety of clients. And then, less than a month ago, my dream came true. I got THE call…the one I’ve been waiting for since my early 20s.

My first book, 30 Days of No Gossip, is scheduled for release in the spring of 2014 under Aladdin’s M!X imprint and I couldn’t be more excited. So my new blogging journey begins. I hope you’ll join me!